Imagining Feminist Interfaces | October 29, 2019


What does it mean to imagine a feminist digital voice interface?


Imagining Feminist Interfaces with tendernet
Thursday, November 14 | 6–7PM
MOCA Toronto, 158 Sterling Road

What does it mean to imagine a feminist digital voice interface? Through a series of speculative design exercises, we will prototype and discuss what voice technologies might look like if we designed them in line with the central commitments of feminism: participation, agency, embodiment, equity, empowerment, plurality and justice. Participants will learn the basics of designing a conversational UI but no prior coding skills are needed.

Imagining Feminist Interfaces is presented in partnership with MOCA.


tendernet is a collective of female-identifying technologists, writers, educators, designers and activists whose work explores speculative design, networked devices and privacy through an intersectional feminist framework. Most recently, the collective has led workshops aimed at developing radical feminist interventions to emerging technologies, with a focus on voice interfaces. Becca Ricks and Zoe Bachman are co-founders of tendernet.

We recommend that workshop participants bring a laptop.

This workshop is SOLD OUT


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